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Our Shades of Life Care story

“I am J’s mother. At 3 years old, our son, J, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). That moment was incredibly difficult. How would he thrive in a world where there is a stigma towards children with special needs? Would we find a suitable school for him? We wondered. Fortunately, intervention of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) was recommended at Shades of Life Care (SOLC).

Our first meeting was with the CEO, Mrs Nwokolo. With her personal and professional experience, she was able to empathise and understand our mental space. We were not looking for a cure but the right support to enable J live to his full potential. The therapy commenced. Holistic, individualised and intensive. It included one-on-one sessions and social engagements with other children at the clinic. J spent time learning, among many other things, self-help skills like brushing his teeth, feeding himself and potty training. Most of the stereotypic behaviours were also managed.

SOLC emphasises the joint effort between parents and staff. To this end, I enrolled and completed a 40-hour ABA training program by SOLC. This is the same training Behavior Technicians receive.

J was re-evaluated one year after the therapy had started and declared school-ready. He transitioned into school successfully and is thriving socially and academically. I guess the SOLC story never ends. It is home. I am glad we chose Shades of Life to walk this journey with us. Thank you Shades of Life!”

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